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Face - Divine Sacrament

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A Divine Sacrament for sanctifying your eyes, neck, and face; inspired by the Kaneh Bosem oil of Moses. 
Make yourself holy with hemp.

"Whatever touches (it) will be holy...This is to be my sacred anointing oil for the generations to come."

Contains: Premium Cream base, Black Tea extract, Sweet Orange & Grapefruit essential oils, Copper peptides, dipeptide 2, Myrrh, Cassia & Cinnamon essential oils, CBC, CBG, CBT, PEA.

WARNING: Most people think its divine; but my wife has reported a reaction to the grapefuit oil, it will be dropped from future Divine Sacraments. Otherwise, reports are of most excellent Holiness. Please return for exchange if dissatisfied.

Not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or condition. 

Peace be with You.

Use by Jan 2022 - Use Religiously