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Body - Canna Cosmetic / Sacrament (Large)

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Best before Sept 2023/ half price offer

A Divine Sacrament or Physicus Salvus Spiritus inspired by the Kaneh Bosem oil of Moses.

Make your Body Holy with Chrism By Design.

"Whatever touches (it) will be holy...This is to be my sacred anointing oil for the generations to come."

Contains: Purified water, Organic Aloe, Organic Vegetable glycerin, emulsifying wax, sodium hydroxide, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid Serum, Organic Comfrey Root Extract, Myrrh, Cassia & Cinnamon essential oils, hemp extracts.

Not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or condition.

Peace be with You.

Best before Sept 2023 - Use Religiously

Anoint your treasures with Hemp 

Kaneh bosem (Hemp) sanctified Priests, Kings, Treasures & Temples from 1500BC 

"Then the Lord said to Moses, "Take the following fine spices: 500 shekels of liquid myrrh, half as much of fragrant cinnamon, 250 shekels of q'aneh-bosm, 500 shekels of cassia-- all according to the sanctuary shekel-- and a hind of olive oil. Make these into a sacred anointing oil, a fragrant blend, the work of a perfumer. It will be the sacred anointing oil. Then use it to anoint the Tent of the Meeting, the art of the Testimony, the table and all its articles, the lampstand [sic] and its accessories, the alter of incense, the alter of burnt offering and all its utensils, and the basin with its stand. You shall consecrate them so that they will be most holy, and whatever touches them will be holy. (Exodus 30: 22-23)

This Kaneh Bosem / Hemp Oil is offered in the spirit of love, and the memory of the social revolutionary Jesus ("to rescue") Christ ("anoint/anointed")

(Old English Crīst, from Latin Christus, from Greek Khristos, noun use of an adjective meaning ‘anointed’, from khriein ‘anoint’, itself translating Hebrew māšīaḥ ‘Messiah’. 'Messiahs' were leaders anointed with Holy Oil abundant in Cannabis/Kaneh Bosem


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Peter Ray Matekino PAHI

Taken with peace in mind.

Liam Hart
Perfect every time

Thanks so much!

Raquel Minh
Better than UK version

Tiger Drops has exceeded my expectations.

I used this anointment religiously during a time period that I was feeling anxious. I noticed a softening, calmness, and serenity throughout the day that was not as easily attainable without a bit of holy help.

My dog also benefits from this. It’s a miracle!

Have been recommending to everyone!

Great product

I highly recommend Tigerdrops

J Nelson
Cbg 3000 10%

Gave me inner piece, 5star