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  • 100gram Hemp balm made with golden hemp seed oil, hemp, beeswax.
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Hemp Chrism Balm #2

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Made with in NZ with local Beeswax, golden Hemp seed oil, and Hemp, this 100gm balm is one part natural beeswax to three parts golden Hemp seed oil and three parts Hemp oil.
Use it religiously. While mainly intended to bless your body with holiness; this multipurpose balm may also help to revive dry, cracked, irritated, sore skin and muscles.

- May support the skins balance.

- May bring peace to angry skin.

- May motivate movement, even if your body is used to saying no

Customer Reviews

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Hemp Cream

I'm 73 and need a hip replacement. Probably won't even make our public hospital list. I'm not prepared to use chemical drugs for the pain. Was thinking that I would probably spend my last days sitting at home and in pain. When my kids told me using holy hemp religiously could help, my reply was yeah, yeah, yeah. Tried it and it does. Certainly won't be using anything else

Neil Wade
5 stars!

Helps with my Peace

Heidi Grayson
Body Balm #2

Love the smell of the face cream and the body balm brings peace and well being to the end of my day to enter restful sleep with ease.

Brijana Neale
Fantastic Balm

We have loved this balm, it was been fabulous for tense muscles and cramps.

Carolyn Ranby

I have had 2 knee replacements in the last 5 years, and all so had plantar fascists for the last 9 years. Using holy hemp cbg religiously means I can stand on my feet for a long time with no pain or less pain at work. It’s a miracle! Thanks for introducing me to Holy CBG hemp oil. I Love it.