Some might say Tigerdrops is divine. We say, Peace be with you.

"Are there sick among you? Bring them to the temple, that the elders may anoint them with holy oil and pray over them" James 5:14–15

As dangerous as Grapefruit, Hemp Extracts / Cannabinoids are prohibited foods in New Zealand - Tigerdrops are not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or condition.

Use them religiously

  • Hemps Mysteries & Miracles.

    Tigerdrops Holy Hemp Oils are built around rare hemp extracts like CBG (Cannabigerol), CBC (Cannabichromene), CBGa (Cannabigerolic acid) and more.

    CBG is often called "the mother of all Cannabinoids", which is almost correct. Certainly Kaneh Bosem is the Queen of Herbs.

    Check the product descriptions, as every batch of Holy Hemp Oil is unique, and we are constantly working to make Tigerdrops Holier.

    Tigerdrops is Chrism By Design (CBD). A Holy Hemp Oil of Divine Intention; Tigerdrops does not contain Cannabidiol (also CBD).

    Use Tigerdrops religiously, morning and night. When anointing your precious objects, start low, go slow, and "let God guide you." ...Its odd, but God gave Moses Kaneh Bosem - Cannabis Sativa - Hemp, as a sacred resource.

    Holy Hemp Oil dates back 3330+ years, to a chat with a burning bush.

    Peace be with us all.

    In times of anxiety and ill health, some people take comfort in the old ways. Consider them...

    "Is there any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the Church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord."

    James 5:14

    Unlike Hemp Oils in the UK, USA, and EU, Tigerdrops CBG is a prohibited food in NZ & AUS.

    Tigerdrops is not intended for the treatment or prevention of any dis-ease or condition. We do not endorse its consumption, or sublingual application, by humans or animals. Unlike a CBD product (Cannabidiol), you may not put Tigerdrops under your tongue. For 'medical cannabis' consult your GP, or a specialist 'Cannabis Clinic'.

    Tigerdrops are also available as Novelty Cannabis Collectables, for political discourse. ...Why is Hemp a controlled drug in NZ? When it is freed of all controls by international Treaty, and is food and cosmetic in the EU / Anglo-US? Why has MedSafe worked so hard to deny the public access to traditional products, and uses, of hemp? Even to the point of what seems like fraud?

    Selah. Food for thought.

  • Cannabis Sativa / Kaneh Bosem / Hemp

    Jesus healing the blind under Kaneh Bosem, in the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Monreale, in Sicily.

    1177 AD.

    Kaneh Bosem / Hemp / Cannabis is a sacred treasure of the Torah / Old Testament. 'Sativa' means 'cultivated'. Our most ancient, and important, crops are 'Sativas'.

    Cannabis Sativa's sacred nature is recorded in the mosaics of a thousand year old UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Basilica di Monreale of Sicily.

    Built by King William II of Sicily, it was blessed by Pope Alexander III, Pope Lucius III, and Pope Clement IV.

    The Cathedral contains many images of Kaneh Bosem / the Tree of Life, (and psychedelic mushrooms abound in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve).

    Evil is always with us though, and within a couple of hundred years Pope 'Innocent VIII' was persecuting hags ('wise women') for sorcery ('Pharmakeia') across Europe.

    In this atmosphere, Hemp / Cannabis / Kaneh Bosem was purged from the Church and its history; even though it was a vital ingredient in the Holy Oil of Moses. Use it Religiously.