The injustice of govt.

The injustice of govt.

Heres the thing, im ok with taxes if your society works. Because I like light rail in cities, and safe cities with prosperous citizens. Taxes shouldnt oppress our quality of life, they should ensure it by providing us with the means for a productive life. Eg. education, health, infrastructure, transport, low interest mortgages.

 But the 'greed is good' mentailty has changed our ideas of public service.

For example, in 2016 a deception seems to have been done to deny kiwis (and aussies) foods for life and health. Our own Ministry of Health seems to have created a legal fiction, arguably to protect its wealth and power, via a perverse interpretation of an international treaty.

This fiction (a legal opinion that remains hidden behind 'legal privilege') snuffed out the categories of "food, supplements, and herbal remedies" for cannabinoids.

It had to though, because the food regulator (FSANZ) and ESR both thought that non THC cannabinoids were safe and legal. So the weird legal opinion was vital to block public access to cannabinoid rich foods. But the legal opinion is hidden behind legal privilege, because (the Ministry of Health assures us) there is"no public interest"in the advice used to deny us CBD rich foods.

This whole problem started out in New South Wales by the way, which is hardly known as a centre of political integrity. No one really looks good, apart from ESR. Bless them.

Go check out the details at, and join them! Lets prove there is 'public interest'.

Spread the gospel too. The more members THF gets, the more "public interest" in the legal advice it can show. Lets improve things, and lets find the truth, because its all a bit odd.

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